MINIMARTS Statutes – Association Law 1901

Article 1 – It is founded between the adherents to the present statutes an association governed by the law of July 1st, 1901 and the decree of August 16th, 1901, having for title Minim’Arts

Article 2 – This association aims to: federate economic actors of the district of Minimes in Toulouse around a common project: develop the activities of the various crafts, crafts, and any production related to the creation Build a Neighborhood life around art and artisans Sponsor young designers

Article 3 – Resources of the association. They come from membership fees and legal aid and sponsorship.

Article 4 – To realize its project Minim’Arts implements various initiatives: open to the public workshops, neighborhood events, exhibitions, sale of objects created, various contacts. The association will be able to expand its activities while maintaining the principles that underlie it, and to open up to creators outside the district.

Article 5 – Head office of the association Minim’Arts At Annette Hardouin 89 rue du Caillou Gray 31200 Toulouse The seat may be transferred by simple decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 6 – The duration of the association is unlimited.

Article 7 – The association consists of a Board of Directors, a Bureau, active members (members) and honorary members. Commission officials may be appointed.

Article 8 – Admission Entry into the association is by membership. The amount of the annual subscription is fixed by the Board of Directors, which can propose its modification in General Assembly. Membership entitles to free use of all activities of the association, excluding advertising costs for which a financial participation will be required.

Article 9 – The association reserves the right to welcome non-members who wish to participate in a Minim’Arts animation. In return they will have to pay a part of the costs of the event. The amount will be fixed in the Board of Directors.

Article 10 – The quality of member is lost by resignation, death, non payment of dues, violation of the rules of the association. The referral decision is made by the Board of Directors.

Article 11 – The General Assembly It meets once a year. The members of the day of contribution and the members of honor have deliberative voice. A letter informs the members of the General Assembly of the date, time and place of the meeting. It contains the agenda. The activity report and the financial report are put to the vote of the assembly. It is proceeded to the renewal of the CA The projects prepared by the CA are presented and put to the vote. Each member of the General Assembly receives the report prepared by the secretary.

Article 12 – Extraordinary General Assembly The President may convene it at the request of half plus one of the members of the association.

Article 13 – The Board of Directors It includes: a president a vice-president a treasurer a secretary He is elected for 3 years. In the event of a vacancy, a replacement is appointed until the next General Assembly. It meets at the request of the president. The convocation includes the agenda. Committee officers will be able to attend Board meetings

Article 14 – The Bureau is composed of the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. He deals with day-to-day business and prepares boards of directors.

Article 15 – Internal Regulations It is established by the Board of Directors to specify the operation of the activities, the rights and duties of each. It is proposed in General Assembly for approval.